Worksheets for Grades K-2

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Language Arts

Action Words

Action Words #2

Action Words #3

Capitalizing Sentences

Kindergarten Sight Word List

Kindergarten Sight Word Practice: A

Kindergarten Sight Word Practice: and

Kindergarten Sight Word Practice: are

Kindergarten Sight Word Practice: at

Kindergarten Sight Word Practice: can

Kindergarten Sight Word Practice: did

Kindergarten Sight Word Practice: do

Kindergarten Sight Word Practice: for

Kindergarten Sight Word Practice: get

Kindergarten Sight Word Practice: go

Kindergarten Sight Word Practice: have

Kindergarten Sight Word Practice: I

Kindergarten Sight Word Practice: in

Kindergarten Sight Word Practice: is

Kindergarten Sight Word Practice: it

Kindergarten Sight Word Practice: like

Kindergarten Sight Word Practice: me

Kindergarten Sight Word Practice: my

Kindergarten Sight Word Practice: no

Kindergarten Sight Word Practice: not

Kindergarten Sight Word Practice: on

Kindergarten Sight Word Practice: run

Kindergarten Sight Word Practice: said

Kindergarten Sight Word Practice: see

Kindergarten Sight Word Practice: the

Kindergarten Sight Word Practice: to

Kindergarten Sight Word Practice: was

Kindergarten Sight Word Practice: we

Kindergarten Sight Word Practice: what

Kindergarten Sight Word Practice: you

Mixed Punctuation

Punctuating Questions and Statements

Rhyme Time

Scrambled Sentences

Story Sequence Practice

Story Web Worksheet

Super Sentences

Writing A Story

Letters and Sounds: A-Z Worksheets

Letter A (long)

Letter A (short)

Letter B

Letter C

Letter D

Letter E (long)

Letter E (short)

Letter F

Letter G

Letter H

Letter I (long)

Letter I (short)

Letter J

Letter K

Letter L

Letter M

Letter N

Letter O (long)

Letter O (short)

Letter P

Letter Q

Letter R

Letter S

Letter T

Letter U (long)

Letter U (short)

Letter V

Letter W

Letter X

Letter Y

Letter Z

Letters and Sounds: A – Z Matching Worksheets

A (short) Matching Words to Pictures

A (long) Matching Words to Pictures

B Matching Words to Pictures

C Matching Words to Pictures

D Matching Words to Pictures

E (short) Matching Words to Pictures

E (long) Matching Words to Pictures

F Matching Words to Pictures

G Matching Words to Pictures

H Matching Words to Pictures

I (short) Matching Words to Pictures

I (long) Matching Words to Pictures

J Matching Words to Pictures

K Matching Words to Pictures

L Matching Words to Pictures

M Matching Words to Pictures

N Matching Words to Pictures

O (short) Matching Words to Pictures

O (long) Matching Words to Pictures

P Matching Words to Pictures

Q Matching Words to Pictures

R Matching Words to Pictures

S Matching Words to Pictures

T Matching Words to Pictures

U (short) Matching Words to Pictures

U (long) Matching Words to Pictures

V Matching Words to Pictures

W Matching Words to Pictures

X Matching Words to Pictures

Y Matching Words to Pictures

Z Matching Words to Pictures

Letters and Sounds: A – Z Cursive Writing Practice

Letter A Cursive Writing Practice

Letter B Cursive Writing Practice

Letter C Cursive Writing Practice

Letter D Cursive Writing Practice

Letter E Cursive Writing Practice

Letter F Cursive Writing Practice

Letter G Cursive Writing Practice

Letter H Cursive Writing Practice

Letter I Cursive Writing Practice

Letter J Cursive Writing Practice

Letter K Cursive Writing Practice

Letter L Cursive Writing Practice

Letter M Cursive Writing Practice

Letter N Cursive Writing Practice

Letter O Cursive Writing Practice

Letter P Cursive Writing Practice

Letter Q Cursive Writing Practice

Letter R Cursive Writing Practice

Letter S Cursive Writing Practice

Letter T Cursive Writing Practice

Letter U Cursive Writing Practice

Letter V Cursive Writing Practice

Letter W Cursive Writing Practice

Letter X Cursive Writing Practice

Letter Y Cursive Writing Practice

Letter Z Cursive Writing Practice

Letters and Sounds: Vowels

Long Vowel ‘ay’

Long Vowel ‘oa’

R Controlled Vowel ‘ar’

R Controlled Vowel ‘er’

R Controlled Vowel ‘or

R Controlled Vowel ‘ir’

R Controlled Vowel ‘ur’

Vowel silent ‘e’

Telling Time

Telling Time (hour) Worksheet #1

Telling Time (hour) Worksheet #2

Telling Time (30 min) Worksheet #1

Telling Time (30 min) Worksheet #2

Telling Time (15 min) Worksheet

Telling Time (10 min) Worksheet

Telling Time (5 min) Worksheet

Time Passage (half hour) Worksheet

Telling Passage (15 min) Worksheet

Time Skills – Word Problems

Time Skills – How Long Will It Take?

Understanding the Calendar/Days of the Week

Days of the Week

Reading a Calendar – Days

Reading a Calendar – Weeks

Reading a Calendar – Add & Subtract, Mixed

Reading a Calendar – Year

Days of the Week Writing Practice

Months of the Year Writing Practice

Practice With Numbers

Writing Numbers:1

Writing Numbers:2

Writing Numbers:3

Writing Numbers:4

Writing Numbers:5

Writing Numbers:6

Writing Numbers:7

Writing Numbers:8

Writing Numbers:9

Writing Numbers:10

Writing Numbers:11

Writing Numbers:12

Writing Numbers:13

Writing Numbers:14

Writing Numbers:15

Writing Numbers:16

Writing Numbers:17

Writing Numbers:18

Writing Numbers:19

Writing Numbers:20

Writing Numbers:30

Writing Numbers:40

Writing Numbers:50

Writing Numbers:60

Writing Numbers:70

Writing Numbers:80

Writing Numbers:90

Math, Counting & Money

Change for a Dollar

Change for a Five

Change for a Hundred

Counting Coins: Pennies

Counting Coins: Pennies and Nickels

Counting Coins: Pennies, Nickels and Dimes

Counting Coins: Pennies, Nickels, Dimes and Quarters

Counting Coins: All

Coin Match-up

Counting Dollars: $1 Bill

Counting Dollars: $5 Bill

Counting Coins Word Problems

Counting Money – Word Problems

Counting – Which Has Less

Counting – Which Has More

Math Detective

Subtraction Coloring Practice

Skip Counting

Skip Counting by 1s to 20s

Skip Counting by 2s

Skip Counting by 3s

Skip Counting by 4s

Skip Counting by 5s

Skip Counting by 6s

Skip Counting by 9s

Skip Counting by 10s

Patterns, Sorting & Shapes

Patterns 1-2

Patterns 1-1-2

Patterns 1-2-3

Number Patterns: 1 to 100

Picture Patterns

Sorting – Easy

Sorting – Walk, Fly, Swim

Tracing Shapes: Circles

Measurement: Weight and Size

Bigger Than a Car, Smaller Than a Car

Measurement: Reading a Scale

Which Weighs the Most

Which Weighs the Least

Health and Social Studies

All About Me Book: Cover

All About Me Book: About Me

All About Me Book: My Favorite Things

All About Me Book: My Neighborhood

The Constitution: Bill of Rights

The Five Food Groups

The Five Senses

Parts of the Body

The 50 States Quiz